Autopilot is Air King's generative audio software system which takes disparate audio elements from a LARGE custom sound pool and combines them in a random manner to create an infinite, everchanging, never-repeating landscape of sound.

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Autopilot features the music and sounds of Air King Sound with very special contributions from Anu, Thomas DiMuzio, Madame Blavatsky Overdrive, Moon Wiring Club.

As part of the 2009 RPM challenge, Air King worked with the following group to create a special autopilot album called Jet Lag:

anhainkoti - anu - luc shylavani - cott - rhythminmind - drox - corsica - hangar17 - cora - justin3am - acclivity - seeshy - mbo - troj - ermine - timofei - morgantj - james uk - ndrobinson - erh - audiactiva - pcaeldries.

Hamish Innes-Brown took the photo used for the album cover.

Read more about this album here.

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